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The Best Ways to Secure Corporate Contracts

September 27, 2011

Corporate contracts will surely give entrepreneurs the chance to grow their small business. However, some have already backed out even before they tried participating in the procurement process. This is because they have no confidence at all—or because they have no idea where to start.

Try to find a network that will lead you to their circle

Okay, it is easy to give out proposals to large companies. But did you know that your letter is just like the others? Did you also realize that the people who take responsibility in managing these proposals are too busy to even read all of them? This is why it is a tough luck to try. What you should do then is to find someone who can bring you to where these corporate buyers usually go. It will be a big advantage on your part then if you will be able to meet and talk to them. After a while, you will be given the chance to introduce your business and your proposal to them. Who knows, you may be in for lucrative corporate contracts.

Offer them the opportunity to reduce on cost

Do not tell them that you are proposing to supply them with this or that item or service. They are used to hearing that from other small business owners. What you should do is to offer them what they look for: reduced cost. You can also promise them more quality supplies and timely delivery. If you have ways to prove these, do so. All these things will give you the chance to winning corporate contracts.

Give them information that they cannot possibly ignore

If you are to submit a company portfolio, make sure that you include the list of the projects that you have completed and the customer testimonials. To make them look more valid, you may write contact details (names, companies, addresses and telephone numbers) opposite these sets of information.

Submit Request for Proposal

If submitting request for proposal, make sure that you have written everything that will give advantage to your small business. However, do not make a mistake of padding some information. This may bring you more harm than good. Also, submit it on time.

If there are calculations made, you have to be sure of their accuracy. You see, what will attract companies to read your proposal is not only about what you offer, but also about the genuineness of your application.

Brainstorm with your team.

This is the common mistake of small business owners. They do their proposals on their own. They plan projects on their own. They justify this attitude by saying that they need to ensure the protection of their business.

But what they forget is that they are not the ones that execute these plans. They also need the help of the whole team; hence, they should be a part of the planning. The entire team can say if these plans are doable or not.

As you hold corporate contracts, your profit will continue to increase. Subsequently, your small business will lead to stability. As it becomes stable, you will be able to provide for your family, as well as your employees to their own respective families. You see, the benefits are endless.

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