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Five Tips on How to Secure Government Contracts

December 18, 2012

Winning government contracts is not easy. In fact, it was never easy even for big corporations and large firms. And if you own a small business, don’t fret because the government is actually allowing small-scale entrepreneurs to join the bidding on any size contract. In fact, there are lots of contracting opportunities that are up for grabs. In the United States alone, there are at least 25,000 active federal contracts to seize.

If you are yearning to learn the secrets on how to get government contracts, here are some tips, do’s and don’ts and reminders in wooing the government:

Tip #1: Have a Good and Clean Track Record
Before attempting to get a contract, make sure your business has a good and clean business record. In most cases, governments will not grant your business with a contract if it doesn’t have a positive cash flow. Also, if your business has tax affairs, it is highly recommended to settle them first. Lastly, your business should be up and running in the industry for at least 24 months.

Tip #2: If You Know the Contracting Rules, Know Your Business Better
Considering that you are already familiar with the government’s contracting rules and regulations, the next thing you should do is to know your business even better. Given the number of contracting opportunities, you should be able to determine which contract to compete for. And if you are having a hard time specifying your search, take time to understand what your business can offer, its advantages, as well as weak points.

Tip #3: Get the Paperwork Done
Winning government contracts is not measured on how big or influential a company is. Usually, those businesses which are diligent in carrying out all the paperwork completely and on time have the upper hand in landing the contract. For instance, if you are to work with the federal government of United States, make sure your business is registered in the Central Contractor Registration database.

CCR would definitely increase your chance in seizing government contracts since most contracting officers were looking at their database to see which businesses could fulfill the requirements. On your part, CCR’s database could be a great tool since it will let you know the number of competitors in your industry who already got their contracts and doing business with the government.  Moreover, signing up with the government’s own database (Federal Business Opportunities or FedBizOpps) would also help your business to obtain notices about contract solicitations.

Tip #4: Expand Your Business Relations and Horizon
Another great way to get government contracts is to work as a subcontractor or partner for larger firms and companies. These companies have their own databases so you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to sign up your business in their web portals.

Apart from fulfilling all the requirements and paperwork, establishing human relationship with the decision-makers could also increase the chance of success. Attend to their events, meet other business people, and eventually, expand your business network.

Tip #5: Always Remember that Winning Government Contracts Isn’t Everything
Lastly, never let other business matters to slide as you focus on getting the contract. A lot of firms, especially starting/small ones, are getting thrilled once they win the contract and they forgot how to attend other business aspects. Always keep in mind that seizing government contracts isn’t everything to having a lucrative business.

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