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The Best Ways to Secure Corporate Contracts

Corporate contracts will surely give entrepreneurs the chance to grow their small business. However, some have already backed out even before they tried participating in the procurement process. This is because they have no confidence at all—or because they have no idea where to start.

Try to find a network that will lead you to their circle

Okay, it is easy to give out proposals to large companies. But did you know that your letter is just like the others? Did you also realize that the people who take responsibility in managing these proposals are too busy to even read all of them? This is why it is a tough luck to try. What you should do then is to find someone who can bring you to where these corporate buyers usually go. It will be a big advantage on your part then if you will be able to meet and talk to them. After a while, you will be given the chance to introduce your business and your proposal to them. Who knows, you may be in for lucrative corporate contracts.

Offer them the opportunity to reduce on cost

Do not tell them that you are proposing to supply them with this or that item or service. They are used to hearing that from other small business owners. What you should do is to offer them what they look for: reduced cost. You can also promise them more quality supplies and timely delivery. If you have ways to prove these, do so. All these things will give you the chance to winning corporate contracts.

Give them information that they cannot possibly ignore

If you are to submit a company portfolio, make sure that you include the list of the projects that you have completed and the customer testimonials. To make them look more valid, you may write contact details (names, companies, addresses and telephone numbers) opposite these sets of information.

Submit Request for Proposal

If submitting request for proposal, make sure that you have written everything that will give advantage to your small business. However, do not make a mistake of padding some information. This may bring you more harm than good. Also, submit it on time.

If there are calculations made, you have to be sure of their accuracy. You see, what will attract companies to read your proposal is not only about what you offer, but also about the genuineness of your application.

Brainstorm with your team.

This is the common mistake of small business owners. They do their proposals on their own. They plan projects on their own. They justify this attitude by saying that they need to ensure the protection of their business.

But what they forget is that they are not the ones that execute these plans. They also need the help of the whole team; hence, they should be a part of the planning. The entire team can say if these plans are doable or not.

As you hold corporate contracts, your profit will continue to increase. Subsequently, your small business will lead to stability. As it becomes stable, you will be able to provide for your family, as well as your employees to their own respective families. You see, the benefits are endless.


Why Hire a Procurement Company?

To hire or not to hire a procurement company?—this is the question most business owners like you ask. More often than not, your answer will be “not to hire” because you view this as another expenditure for your company. But what you do not realize is that the cost entailed for seeking the services of a procurement company will ensure efficiency; thus, giving high value to your money. It does not only allow you to get rid of the burden that is involved in every procurement activity. It will also offer you things that will work to your advantage of your business. Here are some of them:

  1. It takes the “dirty work” out of your firm.
    The activities involved in the procurement process are too many. Before the requesting department is able to get a rim of bond paper, a procurement staff member makes several calls to ask for quotes. Once received, he or she evaluates all of them then decides on which among the vendor will supply it. Imagine then how many times your procurement team will do this every day to attend to the purchase requests of each employee? This is tedious and time consuming. So get for yourself a procurement company and take this “dirty work” out in the hands of your people. Instead, let them do other important tasks.
  2. It has the extensive network, local or international, that you currently do not have.
    A procurement company has been in the industry for so long. Locating prospective suppliers, whether locally or internationally, is not a hard task for it. This is because it already has the network that can sufficiently provide names and contact details of the vendors appropriate for your needs. In fact, it can readily tell you which supplier can best address your requirement. Best of all, it can point you directly toward the lowest selling supplier.
  3. It has an experienced team that has already worked for various types of organizations.
    A procurement company has an established procurement team that has worked for different kinds of businesses; hence, it has identified the techniques that will make it easy to negotiate. Because the members are rich with experience, they likewise know the ins and outs of buying for corporations. They make up good traders.
  4. It is easier for you to keep track of your operational expenses.
    Instead of all your departments or branches doing their own procurement activities and reports, you will be able to receive a single report from the procurement firm that you employ. For this reason, it will be simpler for you to read the procurement report, track expenses and analyze if they are within reason.

Before hiring a procurement company, though, make sure that you have met with it and you have laid down all your business goals and expectations. You also have to highly consider its qualifications. In this way, you will be aiming for the same reasons to achieve success.

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Government Contracts: Know Them to Win Them

If you are aiming to seriously grow your business, you should set your eyes on obtaining government contracts. You must try your luck in joining government contract bids because this will bring positive change to your company. Being the biggest contractor in the U.S., the federal government gives priorities to small business owners like you to have a share of its billion dollars spending on products and services.

Government contracts for bid involve the simplest consumer products, such as toothpaste, and the most complex ones, like the stealth bombers. Regardless of which items you want to sell, you have to take note that your bid will go through a very strict procedure. This is to ensure the reduction or prevention of mishandling of public funds. Among the agencies that acquire goods and services, it is the Department of Defense that gives out hefty contracts.

Just like in any corporate procurement process, each federal agency hires a procurement officer to handle purchase of supplies. This person has to make sure that every government contract must be awarded only after a comprehensive review of the bid, as well as after a careful assessment of the company’s capacity to deliver what it promises.

To become successful in participating in government contract bids, it is necessary that you study the policies, as well as the processes, that come with it. Visit the website of the Small Business Administration because you may find the information that you are looking for. Another thing, try to keep your profit to 15 percent so you may stay competitive during your government contracts bid. Make sure also that you are already registered with the Central Contractor Registry or else, you will not be able to participate in the government’s “Invitation to Bid”.

It is likewise essential that you build a positive image for your company. To begin with, you must have your own website. You must also create a profile that will highlight what your company has accomplished so far. Include a list of your present projects to reflect the stability of your business. You may also include your resume if you have skills, education and experiences that will build the credibility of your company.

To win government contracts, you need to make sure that you are selling products or offering services that are highly important to the government’s daily and important functions. Or else, your proposal will not raise the interest of any government agency.

Federal Contract: The Small Businesses’ Way to More Success

Federal contracts represent the lawful requests of the US federal agencies for goods and services. Because they involve a huge sum of money, businesses are setting their eyes on obtaining even one. They know that this will bring considerable profits to their ventures. To begin, though, they need to know more information about how to get federal contracts effectively. In this way, they will be able to prepare for a winning proposal or bid.

A federal contract is a lot different from a corporate contract. The distinction is highly evident in the procedures and requirements necessary for vendors to follow. All these comply with the government laws. This is why some small businesses are having second thoughts participating in the federal procurement. They do not want to deal with the complexities of the federal procurement process.

Some of the requirements are, companies should pay their employees no less than the minimum wage, promote a drug-free organization and avoid discrimination among employees, customers and others. More importantly, they must prove their capacity to fulfill everything that is stipulated in the agreement. To become federal contractors, they must also create affirmative action plans.

The phrase “affirmative action plans” must not be taken lightly by those who want to join in federal procurement because this is highly important. This can make or break a government bid. If this is something that companies do not understand, the website of the Office of the Federal Contract Compliance Programs from the US Department of Labor carries information that suggests how one can become successful in the implementation of the affirmative action plans in the company. They may also find samples or guidelines on how to prepare one to other websites.

Federal contract opportunities can be seen over the Internet. The website of the Small Business Administration (SBA) lists them. They require a lot of patience searching, reading and understanding them all. So, companies must determine if they perfectly fit a particular program before submitting an application. This is to avoid rejection and wasting of time.

However, before companies can participate in government bids, they must register as a federal contractor through the Central Contractor Registration.  They must also know if they are rightfully categorized as a small business or not. This is for proper classification in the federal contract. They can check it with the SBA.

Among all these, they must show financial stability, as well as the technical skills necessary to work efficiently on the project. Really, the requirements and procedures are almost endless, but they are all worth it. Income opportunities and business stability are only some of the huge benefits.

5 Ways to Perform an Efficient Corporation Procurement Strategy

Large and global companies implement corporation procurement strategy to achieve the most satisfying outcome after the procurement process – the reduction in operational costs while maintaining the quality of the materials and meeting the satisfaction of the customers or end users.
1. Giving the best value for money
The word “best value” is often encountered in the corporate procurement process. This is because the companies will not spend on something that will not give them the worth of their every revenue dollar. Yes, procurement is not all about the purchasing activity. It is also about acquiring materials or supplies at the lowest possible cost and at the finest quality.
2. Hiring employees as buyers or contracting professionals or firms to provide them the global procurement service

Corporation procurement strategy includes the hiring of employees to work on their procurement departments. They act as buyers and negotiate on behalf of the companies they work for. They do their jobs to satisfy the needs of the business. Global companies, on the other hand, hire procurement professionals or firms to do the global procurement services for them. This system eliminates the need for them to travel from one country to one another just to do business with suppliers. This also lessens their burden and gives them the chance to focus on other important business matters. Hiring people to do the global procurement services for the company offers a great advantage as well because they already have the network of suppliers, which makes the job easy for them.

3. Performing a more efficient monitoring of the corporate procurement process

The procurement process involves huge funds. In fact, some organizations spend billions of dollars just for this. It is for this reason that the people responsible for the purchase of materials must make their monitoring of the corporate procurement process efficient enough not to waste any single dollar. They must ensure a risk-free process or else, their jobs are at stake.

4. Ensuring sustainable process of purchase

Purchase of products or supplies must be continuous. There should be no disruptions or else the everyday workflow of the company will be affected. Before finally signing the procurement contract, buyers must inform vendors about this. Sustainability is a critical matter in the corporation procurement strategy.

5. Striving for constant improvement

The people behind corporate procurement process must not be contented with what they have and what they do already. They must strive for improvement to better achieve the goals of the company, which is to reduce the costs on operations. For one, they must be able to build networks of vendors to ensure continuous supply of products. They must also review policies from time to time to check if they still fit the present situation.

Corporation procurement strategy is a necessity. It helps large companies achieve their goals. It also guides their employees who perform on the procurement department on how to do their tasks satisfactorily and how to aim for continuous improvements. The above list includes some of the strategies that they may consider.

Federal Contract Opportunities: Grab it!

Why do business with the federal government? How huge are the opportunities that several entrepreneurs are willing to endure all the complex processes involved in government procurement? These are some of the questions many small business owners ask whenever they come across the phrases: government procurement and federal contract opportunities.

Well, let us say we are talking here about billions and billions of dollars and small enterprises like you are given the chance to 23 percent of this amount. Now, do your mathematics and you will surely come up with a whopping sum. Are you going to let this opportunity pass or are you willing to look for federal contract opportunities available for you?

Now, if you are seeing the benefits of joining in, start looking for the federal business opportunities over the Internet. The SBA has one web page devoted to it. As you view it (and some other sites), you will notice that federal government contracts come in two types: prime contracts and subcontracts. The first one makes you a direct seller to an executive agency. Subcontracts, on the other hand, let you deal with a prime vendor or federal contractor awarded by an agency to work on a specific project. Some small businesses opt for subcontracting to be able to initially learn the ropes on the government procurement processes.

How to get federal contracts? The federal contract opportunities request for goods and services. This can be as complicated as looking for sellers for space vehicles and experts to do cancer research. But do not be intimidated because this can also be as simple as selling office supplies, such as bond papers, ball pens and others. What you need to do is to prepare yourself to participate in government bids or to write proposals. Also, do not forget to get your company profile ready because you may need this. If you are given the chance to present to one federal agency, a video presentation may also help.

Federal contract opportunities are too many. What small entrepreneurs like you have to do is to just look them over at the Internet. It may help you if you will be patient enough to carefully read every opportunity that fits your company. In addition, do not forget to clearly understand the eligibility requirements. This way, you are sure of your actions. You do not expect slipups even on your first try, do you? Okay, to avoid this, know more about government procurement. This will assist you a lot in getting started. You may want to check the Government Procurement Exposed eBook. It consists of complete information necessary to start on government procurement.

Government Procurement Exposed: What You Need to Know about Government Procurement

The secret behind the success of some small businesses is the government procurement. The federal government saves on cost from this approach; but, businesses benefit from this more. With the huge amount involve in every federal contract, ventures are growing and profits are increasing. However, not everyone is aware of the government procurement process. Hence, there is the need to have information on government procurement exposed.

Entrepreneurs have to be knowledgeable about every single detail on government procurement. By having the government procurement exposed, they will know how and where to start right. By starting right, it means to participate in government bids or to submit proposals to federal agencies that request them. It also means to aid them in winning these bids by teaching them the effective strategies how to win government contracts, as well as the rules and regulations for government bids. Significantly, owners of small businesses will be able to avoid wasting their time doing some efforts that are unnecessary in the government procurement process because they are already well-informed.

By having the government procurement exposed, would-be entrepreneurs will also be able to harvest benefits. They will have the capacity to begin their profitable journey with the federal government as the partner. Yes, present and future business owners will benefit from a more solid and financially rewarding partnership with the government.

However, one has to realize. If there are benefits to gain from participating in government procurement, there are small “sacrifices” to do as well. Undergoing federal procurement training may be essential. Reading federal procurement guide may also offer help.

Government procurement involves a complex process, as believed by small businesses. But, this is made easy by the Government Procurement Exposed eBook. This digital material organizes the facts that entrepreneurs need to know; hence, they will be able to read them in an easy and understandable manner. It also reveals secrets that not all of them are aware of. Along with this Government Procurement Exposed eBook are bonus materials that provide more assistance to them. With this eBook, not a single small business owner will be left behind.

Government Procurement Exposed eBook is a project of the award-winning entrepreneur Nelson Nigel. He hopes to make a significant change in the landscape of entrepreneurship. He believes that by exposing small businesses on the government procurement process, business and income opportunities will come on a regular basis. Therefore, grab a copy of the Government Procurement Exposed eBook.

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